October 6, 2015

Essential Oils in Our Everyday featuring Ashley Gulbranson

Today I want to welcome to my little corner of the South, Ashley Gulbranson, owner of Evening Grace Essentials and founder of The Sweet Oil Social. 1.  Give us a little background on yourself. Hello everyone!  My name is Ashley.  I am a wife, mama to two little ladies, and an essential oil lover.  Our family recently relocated from Southern California to the central Texas countryside. 2.  How did your journey begin with Young Living? […]
October 5, 2015

Essential Oils In Our Everyday featuring Kelly Hancock

I would like to welcome Kelly Hancock to my little corner of the South.  She is going to share with us a little bit about herself and her essential oils journey! 1. Give us a little background about yourself. Hi there! I’m Kelly – saved by grace, wife to the best of the best, dog mama to two rowdy pups, and owner of Kelly Hancock Event Planning. As an event planner and designer in sunny Tampa […]
June 10, 2015

Change Is A Good Thing! Right?

Hi y’all!  Today I want to talk to you about CHANGE!  I look around lately and see so much change happening…kindergarten graduations, high school graduations, new babies, weddings, job changes, ect.  There is so much changing in my life, it is hard to wrap my brain around it!  Sometimes it seems almost too much to handle! Change pushes you and stretches you and forces you to do and accept things that aren’t always pleasant!  But change can […]