Essential Oils in Our Everyday featuring Ashley Gulbranson


Today I want to welcome to my little corner of the South, Ashley Gulbranson, owner of Evening Grace Essentials and founder of The Sweet Oil Social.

1.  Give us a little background on yourself.

Hello everyone!  My name is Ashley.  I am a wife, mama to two little ladies, and an essential oil lover.  Our family recently relocated from Southern California to the central Texas countryside.

2.  How did your journey begin with Young Living?

I began using essential oils casually about six years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I was looking for natural alternatives and a friend suggested oils.  At the time I hadn’t loyalty to a company and my oil knowledge was limited at best.  As time went on I began finding more and more uses for oils.  When I became ready to commit to a company I did a ton of research.  Young Living came out on top!  I have found them to be unmatched in purity and integrity.

3.  What has been the most rewarding part of your journey?

The most rewarding part of this wellness journey has been seeing my family healthy and thriving.

4.  What are two business tips for those wanting to do this as a business?

Two business tips would be 1. Stay the course.  Everyone’s journey looks different.  Some people may jump on board right away.  Others may need some time.  Just don’t give up.  2.  Try new products and use them consistently.  it is hard to share about something if you aren’t invested in it yourself.

5.  What are some of your greatest strengths?

Greatest strengths?  These type of questions make me sweat, ha!  I am encouraging and I try my best to really hear what people are saying.

6.  What are your dreams and goals from this point forward?

Goals would be to continue learning and growing.  To help the business builders on my team as much as I can, and to encourage and be there for my team any way I can.  Dreams would be royal crown diamond!!

7.  What is the one YL product you can’t live without?

There are so many!!  This is a trick question.  Lavender or stress away or tranquil or Ningxia Red…oh my!

8.  Tell us a random crazy fact about you.

Crazy fact…ummm….I don’t get to watch much television, but one of my favorite tv shows is Dog the Bounty Hunter. (So random! Can’t even believe I’m telling you all that. Ha!)

Thank you so much, Ashley, for sharing with us today.  You are an amazing lady!

If you want to keep in touch with Ashley on social media, you can find her here:

IG: @eveninggraceessentials